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Hi! If you earn money for doing what you like - you are lucky person, like I am. Working as trainee writer at writing assignment blog. Let me show what exactly I do:
"By using his excellent writing skills, James Baldwin helped the United States Civil Rights movement in significant ways. The Civil Rights movement had many leaders like Martin Luther King, but for the movement to be successful, the white citizens in the country needed to understand just how pervasive race discrimination really was. Many American citizens did not see "whites only" signs in restaurants or white lines on buses. They did not realize that some towns in the South had laws saying that Black people could not walk on the public streets after sundown. Although he was active in the Civil Rights Movement, some in that movement disliked him because of his sexual orientation (ANGb, 2003). Eldridge Cleaver, leader of the Black Panthers, disliked him both for being homosexual and for being a pacifist (ANGa, 2003)."

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